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What is a skills Matrix?

A tool for mapping desirable and required competences for a team or project is referred to a competency or skills matrix. It is a grid that displays the team's available and required skills.  As a result, it is an essential tool for any HR professional, team or company leader, project manager, or other individual in charge of staff development. 

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A Skills Matrix is an essential business tool used to identify and develop the skills of team members.

The skills matrix is incredibly simple to setup and use.  When shared with your team, you create a 'shared ownership' for team development - an attribute of nearly all successfull teams and organisations.

The skills matrix is a simple grid that shows:

- Team Members (down the left)
- Skills / Competencies (along the top)
- Rating (for each team member, against each skill)

Advanced skills matrices like this one available at excelskillsmatrix.com also enable you to set target/future ratings, which is a great way of setting and committing to team development over time. 

Download a free MS Excel Skills Matrix 

The advantages of using a skills matrix are numerous and can be divided into three main categories, namely;

So.  How do you build and implement a skills matrix?

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We've made a brief movie to demonstrate how it functions for you. Simply complete your team with the necessary skills, and then rate each team member according to their current proficiency level. 

Download your free skills matrix template.

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